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Using Fonts to Help You Study!

Just in time for the end of the term come tips from researchers on how to more effectively study.  Not surprisingly, the more effort you put into it the more you retain.  But the problem is that the brain doesn't always cooperate.  Sometimes studying something twice feels like a waste of time so you don't do it.  But, actually, that second time helps you retain more information.  Your brain also tends to forget if you used aids or prior answers to study.  This can cause you to get overconfident and feel like you've mastered the material rather than recognizing that you were helped by outside information.  Finally, a recent study has shown that you retain more information when it is printed in an unusual font.   The researchers believe that the unusual font makes you focus more on what you're reading.   So try putting all your notes in a different kind of font and see if it helps.   Unfortunately, there's no magic pill.  The more time and attention you direct at your studies, the better you'll do.

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