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                The Los Angeles campus library maintains an extensive range of services and materials, including housing and distributing psychological assessment materials in support of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s academic programs.  Professional guidelines set forth by APA and assessment publishers limit the use of and access to materials to qualified individuals.  To ensure compliance with these provisions, all patrons must familiarize themselves with the Test Kit Policy.


                The primary objective of the library regarding testing materials is to serve the teaching and research needs of TCSPP faculty and students.  The library also wishes to streamline its policies regarding access and circulation to provide consistent service for the Los Angeles campus community.


                All testing materials are processed and cataloged by the library staff which will then make them searchable on the library’s catalog.  More information on psychological assessments can be found in the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print, available via the EBSCO database.  Additional guidelines on locating tests are available through the American Psychological Association.

Borrowing Eligibility and Guidelines



                Borrowing privileges are limited to program faculty, staff and students.  Alumnae and guests are granted limited access to materials on location only.  Forms for testing administration are distributed with testing materials upon check out.  It is the responsibility of the patron to know and articulate the need of materials to library staff.  All students must be in good standing with the library in order to check out materials.  Students with outstanding fines or overdue materials will be denied circulation privileges until those issues are cleared.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

                Borrowing privileges may be suspended when a patron fails to comply with policies set forth by the library.  The library will make all reasonable efforts to give advance warning to the patron of suspension.  Borrowing privileges may be suspended for any of the reasons noted below.  Additionally, a recommendation will be made to the Department Chair that the student be placed on an Academic Development Plan (ADP).

  • Excessive overdue items or fines exceeding $50.
  • Failure to return an item that has been recalled or placed on reserve
  • Faculty, Adjunct faculty and staff who have been terminated from employment by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Failure to be a student in good standing (according to the Office of Academic Records)


Privileges may be reinstated upon correction of above conditions

Short-Term Loans



All test kit materials are available for short-term use for a 3 day check out with the possibility of an additional 3 day renewal period granted on library staff discretion. (Library staff determines renewal eligibility based on number of available testing materials and demand of other patrons).  Borrowers assume responsibility for all materials checked out, and are liable to remit payment for damaged and missing items, as appropriate.  Faculty can authorize proxy patrons to checkout materials for short-term use on their behalf.  Only authorized proxy patrons will be able to checkout materials.

The following tables summarize borrowing privileges, conditions and fines:

Test Kits

Patron Group Loan Period Item Limit Overdue Fines Grace Period Renewals
Student 3 days 3 test kits   1 day 1 renewal unless the item is overdue, and based on the library staff’s discretion
Faculty and Proxy Patrons 3 days 3 test kits No fines No fines 1 renewal, based on library staff’s discretion
Alumnae/Guests 3 hours on-site 1 item n/a n/a n/a


Test Kit Scoring Templates

Patron Group Loan Period Item Limit
Student 3 hours Library Use Only 1 set
Faculty and Proxy Patrons 3 hours Library Use Only 1 set
Alumnae/Guests 3 hours Library Use Only 1 set


Test Kit and Protocol Purchasing

It is the responsibility of department liaisons to arrange the purchase of assessment materials needed for class curriculum with library staff.

General Policies

  1. It is the patron’s responsibility to comply with dates for checked out materials.  Courtesy notices are issued in good faith by the library but do not resolve the patron of responsibility for items checked out.
  2. Only complete test kits will be checked out, not individual components where applicable.
  3. All patrons assume full financial responsibility for the materials checked out
  4. In the event of damage or loss, patrons are liable to replace lost or damaged materials.  The replacement cost is based on the most current test kit price as determined by the publisher.  For materials no longer in print, patron is responsible for the original purchase price.  In instances where individual components could not be purchased, the patron is responsible for the purchase price of the entire test kit.
  5. Transfer of materials to unauthorized patrons is not permitted.
  6. Patrons are advised not to leave materials unattended in any circumstance and keep them secure at all times.
  7. The library staff is not authorized to assist patrons with test administration and assessment techniques.


Ethical Guidelines

  1. Patrons are expected to adhere to ethical guidelines set forth by the APA in Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct while handling assessment materials.
  2. Patrons must ensure that assessment procedures are administered appropriately and the results are interpreted accurately.
  3. Patrons must not compromise the effective use of assessment methods and techniques, nor render them open to misuse by publishing or disclosing results to unauthorized and/or unqualified parties.
  4. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in a recommendation for the student to be placed on ADP.


Copyright Restrictions

  1. Patrons are expected to observe copyright laws when administering assessment batteries and handling all materials maintained by the Library.
  2. Test publishers prohibit protocol photocopying and administration outside the domain in which a TCS qualified professional oversees the administration.
  3. For information about copyright for content found on the APA website, please consult Copyright Permissions FAQs.
  4. Violation of copyright may result in the recommendation for the student to be place on an ADP.


Test Kits for Class Use

  1. Instructors are responsible for consulting with the Library upon the need for assessment tools used in the classroom or for assignments in which an entire class or large group of students will be using designated assessments.  Instructors must consult the library to inquire after protocols and assessments to be reserved for their use with no less than 48 hours’ notice.
  2. Instructors or their TAs will be responsible for reproducing and distributing any protocols for their class to use as practice or for assignments.  If the instructor does not make accommodations, the library staff has the right to refuse assess to students outside of practicum.
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