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New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

  We have 5 new dissertations in the Westwood library!

   The effects of accepting the past on life satisfaction and successful aging in the elderly  by Afsaneh Ahooraiyan

Sandplay with Native Americans by Andrea Filoso

An examination of the relationship between caregiver fusion and recovery among opiate addicts  by Elizabeth Hatch

Exposure to community violence and the impact on children's psycho-social development  by Larisa Pikover

The relationship between acculturation, depression, and anxiety in first generation Armenians living in Los Angeles by Vahe Sukiasyan

Congratulations to all of you!


New Streaming Videos

We have two new streaming videos available online through the TCS catalog.   If you don't know how to access the streaming videos, click on our Finding Guide Page on this blog for a step by step guide. 

Do I drink too much?: human biology, genetics, and alcohol     53 minutes

 "Why does tolerance for alcohol differ so widely from person to person? Do genetic factors make alcoholism unavoidable in some people? Should we drink at all? This program searches for answers, following addiction expert Dr. John Marsden as he observes--and participates in--experiments that assess alcohol’s neurological and physiological impact. After exploring basic chemical and evolutionary concepts, Marsden visits London’s Institute of Psychiatry, where brain scans, genetic testing, and psychological profiling shed light on alcohol addiction. In the U.S., Marsden goes inside the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to study other genetic markers, while moving toward a greater understanding of alcoholism in his own family history."--Container.

 Pills: never enough!       52 minutes 

"This program illustrates a growing appetite for-- and dependence on-- experience-enhancing pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals among those who have the money, the connections, or the savvy to procure them. Drawing examples from the U.S. and France, Pills: Never Enough! examines the use of dietary supplements augmented by hormones to slow the effects of aging; the consumption of energy drinks such as the controversial Cocaine, which packs the caffeine punch of eight espressos per; the abuse of Prozac and sleep disorder med Modafinil by employees striving to work better and longer; the abuse of Ritalin and Concerta by students trying to improve their grades; and abuse of OxyContin, Xanax, and other prescription meds at "pharming parties," just for kicks. The abuse of ED meds Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra is given special attention, emphasizing their obvious value to the porn industry and their inclusion in chemical cocktails downed at gay sex clubs"--Container.


New Dissertation in the Westwood Library

We have a new dissertation in the Westwood Library.  The dissertation is available in print and digital form:

Obesity as an expression of addiction: a neurobiological view on the effectiveness of treatment for obesity as substance dependence  by Melissa Flanigan

Congratulations, Melissa!


New Dissertations

  We have two new dissertations in the Westwood library:

An examination of the influence of interparental conflict on the adult child's romantic relationships by Cary Sinnott

Combining outdoor experiential therapy with cognitive-behavioral therapy for the non-residential treatment of young male internet pornography addiction   by Eric Walker

Congratulations to both of you!


New Dissertation

We have a new dissertation in the library:

An attachment-oriented psychodynamic therapy manual for the treatment of love addiction   by Shannon Chavez

Congratulations, Shannon!



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