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When to Use Bold-Faced Type

Check out the APA Style Blog for an explanation of when to use bold-faced type in your writings.  The short answer is to use bold-face only within the body of the text such as for common headings within the body of the paper like Method, Results, and Discussion.  The blog post has a link to sample papers.  It’s always helpful when you can see how the rule is being used.

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How to Format Statistical Information

The APA blog has information on how to include statistical information in your writing.  It also explains what to do when the statistic has its own parenthetical value.   According to the blog, APA style does not like nesting parentheses.  ((  ))

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Citing Secondary Sources

I’ve gotten some questions on citing secondary sources in your research -  when an article or book you’re reading contains a quote from another source.  The APA blog has a discussion of when and how to cite a quotation you find in another article.   APA suggests you track down the secondary source and make it a primary one but, sometimes, that’s not practical.

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