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New Streaming Videos

Chicago has been really busy adding new streaming videos to the catalog.  There are 12 new streaming videos available to watch.  Click on "Finding Guides" on the right side of this page to fine the updated list of titles and a guide to using streaming video.  When trying to access a video, if you are taken to the “Films on Demand” page and asked for another user ID and password use thechicagoschool as the ID and digital as the password.  Here are the new titles:

 Love & Diane (2002) In the 1980s, the crack epidemic in American inner cities left a generation of parents addicted and their children in a cycle of foster care and group homes. This film documents one New York City family’s struggle to become a family again ten years after their initial separation. Focuses on Diane, a former addict, and her daughter, Love, who is HIV positive and fighting for custody of her newborn son.

 Prejudice: more than black & white (2007)   Muslims, blacks, gays, people with disabilities, and immigrants of every ethnicity and color: they and many other groups have stood in the spotlight glare of intolerance, easy targets for every sort of discrimination and violence. What makes people prone to irrational hate, and what steps can individuals and society take to eradicate it? In this program, psychology professors Susan Fiske and Mahzarin Banaji share their insights and experiences. A pro-gay Baptist minister who formerly took a biblical stance against homosexuality and an ex-imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who now speaks out for tolerance also offer their views.

 If I Could (2006)  Documentary film about a family’s effort to escape the effects of trauma after decades of abuse, abandonment, drugs, and rage. Follows the life of Tracy, a single mother fighting to keep her son from falling prey to the same problems that almost destroyed her through intervention of a program called VisionQuest.

Self esteem and identity in the digital age  (2009)  The program examines how we develop our own identity, what influences the development of our identity, and the key factors in the development of positive and negative self-esteem. Empowers and educates students in the face of a powerful cultural force.

 Rage (2006)  Explores the emotional causes and social dangers of short fuses, linking the pressures of a hard-driving, high-tech world to the prevalence of an easily threatened, easily angered point of view.

 Divide of the sexes  (2008)  Why do boys underachieve? How does celebrity culture influence the self-esteem of young girls? In an atmosphere dominated by sex and consumerism, are children growing up too quickly? This program addresses those issues, reporting on a group of 25 eight-year olds as they adjust to gender roles and expectations. An episode of Child of Our Time, which focuses on a group of millennium babies and follows their physical and emotional development as they grow into adulthood.

 Conformity: in the real-life lab (2006)  Recreates a lab experiment by Dr. Gregory Berns on how and why people "follow the pack." Sequences with subjects in candid-camera style settings are backed up with the results of MRI experiments that study brain activity.

 Cut up kids: the epidemic of self-harm  (2008)  For reasons still being explored, a growing number of children, teenagers, and; young adults regularly and willfully cut, burn, and otherwise harm their own bodies. This films follow three young people as they confront the violence they have inflcted upon themselves

 Love, lust and marriage: why we stay and why we stray (2003)  How do people find love, why do they fall in love, and once married, how do they stay in love? In this ABC News special with correspondent John Stossel, the modern-day notion of love, with all of its attendant expectations, is examined. Despite divorce rates that are currently holding steady at 50 percent, research shows that married couples are actually healthier -- and claim to be happier as well. Also discussed are what can make a marriage fail and other cultures’ solutions to "the dating game," such as arranged marriages

 Cyberbullies   2006  Uses dramatizations and question and answer sessions to prevent children and teenagers from being bullied by others when using chat rooms, blogs, and instant messaging. Describes possible responses to such abuse and explains the legal issues involving privacy and libel.

 Insights into violence  2003  Examines the many manifestations of violence, from sports to murder and genocide; how societies harvest violence; and how the latest research reveals that violence might have served a necessary function for group survival that continues in our genetic make-up today.

 Obeying or resisting authority: a psychological retrospective  2007  “Echoing the infamous Milgram experiment from the 1960s, this ABC News program sets up a psychological test in which an authority figure urges men and women to inflict pain. Test administrator and social psychologist Dr. Jerry Burger interprets the disturbing findings. The program also analyzes the 1971 Stanford prison experiment as well as the 2004 hoax in which a McDonald’s manager and her fiancé--directed by a caller impersonating a police officer-- strip-searched and abused an employee. Original footage from all of these occurrences is included, along with present-day commentary from Dr. Philip Zimbardo, who designed the Stanford test. Finally, the program explores the ethics of using human participants in psychological tests”


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