Los Angeles / Orange County Libraries

New Books in the Westwood Library


We have four new books in the library:

 Madness & Civilization: a history of insanity in the age of reason  by Michel Foucault.  Who defines “madness?”

 Existential-Humanistic Therapy by Kirk J. Schneider and Orah T. King

 The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory  by Roberta M. Gilbert, M.D.

 Heuristic Research: Design, Methodology, and Applications by Clark Moustakas

Come in and check them out.  They're all available for 3 weeks.


New Streaming Videos

We have three new streaming videos available through the TCS catalog

Children of the Amazon, 2008, 72 min.

Reflects on the history and more recent changes of the Amazon River valley and rainforest area, primarily through the introduction of a group of indigenous families. Through comparison of their current lives with the lives they led when the filmmaker first met them 15 years earlier, the film portrays the significant differences of their past and current lives. As their native lands undergo extreme changes due to deforestation and development, questions are raised and discussed regarding the chances of renewing or otherwise protecting the local population and their environment.

Bowenian family therapy with Dr. Philip Guerin, 2010, 119 min.

This video is one in a series portraying the leading theories of family therapy and their applications. Bowenian therapy, also known as family-of-origin therapy, looks at how previous generations influence the present family functioning. In this video, Dr. Guerin works to help family members link cognitive processes to emotional responses.

Strategic couples therapy with James C. Coyne  2010, 120 min

Dr. James C. Coyne discusses strategic couples therapy in which the therapist takes responsibility for what happens in the session and presents a plan for change. The therapy seeks to help the couple develop a problem-solving strategy tailored to their specific concerns and values. This discussion is followed by an actual session in which Dr. Coyne demonstrates strategic couples therapy and finally a final discussion and question and answer session is held with Dr. Coyne, the hosts, and audience members


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