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Easy access to the Chronicle of Higher Education

Our subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education is now even easier to access.  If you use your TCS email address (ending in @ego.thechicagoschool.edu or @thechicagoschool.edu) to create an account you can access The Chronicle from your computer, from your tablet or from your smartphone.  Here's how:

1) From your iPad -- Download The Chronicle’s iPad editions at no cost.  You can download either or both sections of The Chronicle.

 2) From your smartphone or tablet using the device’s Web browser.  The new mobile interface makes The Chronicle easy to read on the go.

 3) From any computer, from any location in the world -- Direct access to Chronicle.com from any remote location without having to go through a proxy server.   

 A Chronicle account can be created by going to Chronicle.com and clicking on the "login" link at the top, right hand side of the Web page.  On the next page click on "Create an Account" and fill in the requested information.  Remember you MUST use your TCS email to create the account.  You can also sign up for email updates including one designed for graduate students.

The Chronicle’s free iPad app can be found here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id414901678.


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