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New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

We have two new dissertations in the library:

A Jungian oriented treatment plan for veterans in residential recovery: psychodrama utilization  by Ellis Leibman

The therapist's disability: Its impact on transference and countertransference by Lila Yedidsion

Congratulations to both of you!


New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

We have FOUR new dissertations in the Westwood library.

The subjective experience of parents engaged in a conflicted divorce  by Shauna Spellman

An evaluation of the school-based integrative treatment manual for children with autism spectrum disorders   by Grace Liu

 Attachment, mentalization, and affect regulation: intimacy and conflict in adult romantic relationships  by Lori J. Grapes

                                                    An exploration of countertransference issues faced by beginning therapists from the supervisor's perspective  by Kimberly Eddy-Bross

Congratulations to all of you!


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