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New Videos in Psychotherapy.net

Psychotherapy.net, one of our streaming video resources, has added three new videos to the database.  All of them include therapists who have authored some of your textbooks or the treatment planners in the library.  You can access the videos from the Streaming Video link on the library's webpage or click here http://www.psychotherapy.net.proxy.thechicagoschool.edu/stream/tcs:

Multicultural Competence in Counseling and Psychotherapy -   Derald Wing Sue

In this provocative interview with multicultural expert Derald Wing Sue, learn about the history of multicultural counseling, the unmet needs of diverse clients, and ways to counter the culture-bound values that may be impacting your work.

Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Depression  -  Timothy Bruce, Arthur Jongsma, Jr.

Learn everything you need to know about creating detailed, practical evidence-based treatment plans for depressed clients in this one-of-a-kind video with Drs. Timothy Bruce and Arthur Jongsma, who present an overview and accompanying demonstrations of depression’s most empirically supported treatment methods.

Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Panic Disorder -   Timothy Bruce, Arthur Jongsma, Jr.

What exactly is evidence-based treatment planning, and how do you do it? Find out in this comprehensive video with Drs. Timothy Bruce and Arthur Jongsma, who present an overview, clinical vignettes, and commentary on empirically supported treatment for panic disorder.


New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

We have three new dissertations in the Westwood Library:

A study of atypical and aberrant socio-sexual behaviors in the lower functioning late teen and young adult male population with autism  by K. Geborah Goldberger  2010

A theoretical exploration of the feminine warrior archetype and how it can help women transcend depression by Anais Munoz Kelly  2012

The effects of resilience training on post-traumatic stress disorder levels for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans  by Deke Marcus 2011

Congratulations to all of you!


New Dissertation in the Westwood Library

  We have one new dissertation in the Westwood library:

 A treatment manual for cognitive behavioral play therapy for adults with depression by George Motin, Jr.

Congratulations, George!


New Materials in the Westwood Library

We have 3 new books and one video in the library.  Come in and check them out!

 Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders by Leahy, Holland and McGinn

 “This book is packed with indispensable tools for treating the most common clinical problems encountered in outpatient mental health practice. Chapters provide basic information on depression and the six major anxiety disorders; step-by-step instructions for evidence-based assessment and intervention; illustrative case examples; and practical guidance for writing reports and dealing with third-party payers. In a convenient large-size format, the book features 74 reproducible client handouts, homework sheets, and therapist forms for assessment and record keeping.”

 Collaborative Case Conceptualization by Kuyken, Padesky and Dudley

 “Step by step, the authors show how to collaborate with clients to develop and test conceptualizations that illuminate personal strengths as well as problems, and that deepen in explanatory power as treatment progresses.”

Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology edited by Michael Forrester

“This book describes four specific qualitative methods, explaining in a very clear ‘how to proceed’ style, how each of these methods can form the basis of a qualitative methods laboratory class, practical, or field study. It also describes precisely how research reports using qualitative methods are written, in line with the appropriate conventions of report writing in psychology.”

The Third Season of In Treatment the HBO show



New Books in PsycBooks

This month 63 books have been added to the PsycBooks database available on EBSCOhost.  60 of them are “classic” texts.  The three below are available in full-text in PsycBooks and were published in 2010.  For a complete list of the books added to PsycBooks click here

 Deployment Psychology: Evidence-Based Strategies to Promote Mental Health in the Military  Edited by Amy B. Adler, PhD; Paul D. Bliese, PhD; and Carl Andrew Castro, PhD

This book focuses on systematic, evidence-based attempts at preventing mental health problems and enhancing service members' well-being and resilience The editors have gathered leading clinicians and researchers in military mental health to examine how mental health providers and military leaders can best moderate the negative impact of combat.

How Animals Affect Us: Examining the Influence of Human–Animal Interaction on Child Development and Human Health   Edited by Peggy McCardle, PhD, MPH; Sandra McCune, PhD; James A. Griffin, PhD; and Valerie Maholmes, PhD, CAS

 The findings in this volume deepen our understanding of human and animal behavior, including the impact that pets can have on children's development and the efficacy of animal-assisted therapies.

 Personality Science: Three Approaches and Their Applications to the Causes and Treatment of Depression By Marvin Zuckerman, PhD

This book examines three contemporary scientific approaches to the study of personality—the psychodynamic, the trait-psychobiological, and the cognitive.  The book concludes with applications of the three approaches to the psychopathology of depression


New Material in the Library

We have three new books and a DVD in the library.  Contemporary Play Therapy is on 3-hour reserve but the other books and the DVD are not.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression ( 2002) by Segal, Williams and Teadale

Contemporary Play Therapy (2008) edited by Schaefer and Kaduson

 The development of shyness and social withdrawal (2010) edited by Rubin and Coplan

 Structural family therapy with Harry Aponte. DVD

Come in and check them out!


New Books in PsycBooks

Six new books were added to the PsycBooks database in March.  In addition to these newly published books, PsycBooks added 20 classic texts in psychology from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  A complete list of the added books is available by clicking here.

 These are the recently published APA books added to PsycBooks:

 Constructing Undergraduate Psychology Curricula:  Promoting Authentic Learning and Assessment in the Teaching of Psychology,  Edited by Joseph A. Mayo

 Ethical Dilemmas in Fertility Counseling  By Judith E. Horowitz, PhD; Joann Paley Galst, PhD; and Nanette Elster, JD, MPH

 The authors provide a step-by-step method for resolving ethical problems arising in fertility counseling.

Interpersonal processes in the anxiety disorders: Implications for understanding psychopathology and treatement.  Edited by J. Gayle Beck

Traditional theories on the anxiety disorders have focused on intrapersonal factors, such as cognitive, affective, behavioral, physiological, and genetic processes. Yet, those who treat and conduct research with anxious individuals know that interpersonal processes interact with anxiety symptoms.  This book tries to bridge the gap between research and clinical work.

 Police Interrogations and False Confessions: Current Research, Practice, and Policy Recommendations, edited by G. Daniel Lassiter, PhD and Christian A. Meissner, PhD

This book contains work in the fields of social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, criminology, clinical-forensic psychology, and law to examine the problem of false confessions from the aspect of interrogation tactics, Supreme Court decisions regarding Miranda warnings and custodial interrogations, and new research on juvenile confessions and deception in interrogative interviews.

Relapse prevention for depression Edited by Richards, C. Steven and Michael G. Perri

 At least 60% of individuals who have had one depressive episode will have another, 70% of individuals who have had two depressive episodes will have a third, and 90% of individuals with three episodes will have a fourth episode.  This book summarizes recent progress in research, theory and the practice of relapse prevention.

 Talking about sexual assault: Society's response to survivors   by Sarah E. Ullman

 “This book provides a comprehensive look at women's rape disclosure, addressing such issues as why, how often, and to whom women disclose their sexual assault; how people respond to disclosures; what factors influence how they respond to disclosures; and how these responses affect survivors.”


Peer Support Can Reduce Depression Symptoms

In a new study in General Hospital Psychiatry, researchers found that programs incorporating peer interaction in which patients and volunteers share information were found to reduce symptoms of depression better than traditional care alone and were about as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy.    Peer support programs often use volunteers and nonprofessionals and can be done over the phone, on the Internet, or in person.  Because of these factors they can be widely available at a relatively low cost.  Read the news story about the study on Medical News Today.


Culturally sensitive treatment models

A new treatment model, culturally sensitive to the needs and concerns of Chinese immigrants, appears to significantly increase the identification and treatment of depression in this group.  Although depression is no less common in Asian Americans, a combination of unfamiliarity with mental illness and a cultural stigma have kept people in these populations from seeking help for their depression.  This kind of treatment model could be adapted to other cultures unfamiliar or uncomfortable with depression and its treatment.

 Read the Medical News Today article here.

 Yeung A, Shyu I, Fisher L, Wu S, Yang H, Fava M. (2010).  Culturally sensitive collaborative treatment for depressed chinese americans in primary care.  American Journal of Public Health, 100(12), 2397-2402.


Is the Pain From Grief “Normal?” Changes in DSM 5

This morning's Morning Edition on NPR had a story highlighting a new controversy coming out of the DSM 5 revisions.  This controversy focusses on the proposed removal of the "bereavement exception" from a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder.  Under DSM-IV, patients showing depressive symptoms which may have been caused by the loss of a loved one are not diagnosed or treated as depressed unless the symptoms continue for several months after the loss.  The proposed change for DSM 5 would allow patients to be diagnosed and treated if the symptoms last longer than 2 weeks.  Some people oppose the change and argue that grief is normal and may be beneficial.  They are concerned about the "overmedicalizing" of our experiences.

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