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New Books in the Westwood Library

We have three new books in the library.  They are being used this term in classes so they are on 3-hour reserve.

   The evaluation and treatment of marital conflict by Geurin, Fay, Burden and Kautto

   DSM-IV made easy by James Morrison. 

   Casebook in abnormal psychology by Brown and Barlow


New DSM-5 Organizational Structure Announced

The American Psychiatric Association today announced the new proposed organizational structure for DSM-5, due out in 2013.  You can view the new structure here.   The new structure takes into account science's new understandings about how conditions relate to each other and reflects the new information we have learned about the brain, genetics and behavior since the publication of DSM-IV.  As an example, OCD which was previously considered an anxiety-driven disorder, now has its own grouping to reflect the new knowledge about the distinct neurocircuits involved in the disorder.  The chapters are arranged in a developmental lifespan fashion, starting with disorders which are usually diagnosed in infancy and early childhood and continuing on through disorders more commonly diagnosed in adulthood. Within each diagnostic category, the individual disorders are similarly arranged so that those disorders which are typically diagnosed in childhood are listed first.

You can comment on the new structure by registering on the DSM-5 homepage.

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No more narcissists?

The workgroup recommending changes to the DSM-5, due out in 2013, has proposed that narcissistic personality disorder along with 4 other personality disorders be eliminated from the new edition.  Narcissism itself isn't being eliminated (too bad) but the change reflects an emphasis in the DSM-5 on the "dimensional approach" to diagnosing personality disorders.  The four other personality disorders being eliminated are Paranoid, Schizoid, Histrionic and Dependent Personality Disorders. (Schizotypal, Antisocial, Borderline, Avoidant and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorders will remain in the new revision.)  Read more about these changes in today's New York Times as well as in the Workgroup's report .


Is the Pain From Grief “Normal?” Changes in DSM 5

This morning's Morning Edition on NPR had a story highlighting a new controversy coming out of the DSM 5 revisions.  This controversy focusses on the proposed removal of the "bereavement exception" from a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder.  Under DSM-IV, patients showing depressive symptoms which may have been caused by the loss of a loved one are not diagnosed or treated as depressed unless the symptoms continue for several months after the loss.  The proposed change for DSM 5 would allow patients to be diagnosed and treated if the symptoms last longer than 2 weeks.  Some people oppose the change and argue that grief is normal and may be beneficial.  They are concerned about the "overmedicalizing" of our experiences.


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