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New PsycBooks

PsycBooks added 2 contemporary books to its database in November as well as 20 classic books.  A full list of the new books is here.  The two contemporary books are highlighted below: 

Dynamic Network Theory: How Social Networks Influence Goal Pursuit  2011  By James D. Westaby, PhD

The author “melds social psychology's traditional focus on individual and collective goals with organizational/management science's analyses of institutional roles. The result is a masterly interdisciplinary work that explores these networks' generation of social capital in formal and informal organizations and settings. This analysis is made possible through a powerful combination of approaches from social psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, organization/management science, social learning, and helping skills.”

Therapeutic Presence: A Mindful Approach to Effective Therapy  2011  By Shari M. Geller, PhD and Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD

“Therapeutic presence is the state of having one's whole self in the encounter with a client by being completely in the moment on a multiplicity of levels — physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. Present therapists become aware of both their own experience and that of their client through bodily sensations and emotions, and this awareness helps them to connect deeply with the client. Therapeutic presence is not a replacement for technique, but rather a foundational therapeutic stance that supports deep listening and understanding of the client in the moment.”


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