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We have 6 new streaming videos in the catalog.  An updated list of currently available streaming videos and a guide to accessing them is available by clicking the "Finding Guides" link on the right of this page.   If you have any problems please contact a librarian:

 Portraits in human sexuality: Human development

Parents, friends, sex education classes, the media-all of them shape our perceptions of reproduction and physical intimacy. Starting at the beginning, then, this program focuses on developmental issues in human sexuality. Its four interview segments question children on what they know about love and sex; adolescents on what they know about sex and what constitutes good sex education; adults on what they believe children should know about sexuality; and a persevering couple on their difficulties in achieving pregnancy and reaching full term. Contains clinically explicit language.

 Portraits in human sexuality: Medical Issues

Is sexuality an unavoidable casualty of physical disability or of surgery that significantly restructures intimate parts of the body? In this program, a man with a spinal cord injury, a woman with breast cancer who had a skin-saving mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, and a transsexual woman who underwent sex reassignment surgery discuss ways in which sexual expression has changed since their life-altering events. Perspectives from their significant others are elicited as well.

 Portraits in human sexuality: Sexual Dysfunction and Therapy

It has been estimated that 80 to 90 percent of couples will have one or more of the nine sexual dysfunctions outlined in the DSM-IV. This program introduces the most common dysfunctions while dispelling myths about female sexuality, stressing the importance of good communication, and offering advice on improving sexual technique. Common sexual disorders are commented upon as well. In addition, a case study of a couple with psychogenically induced low sex drive provides an opportunity for viewers to learn what it is like to participate in sex therapy.

Portraits in human sexuality: The Business of Sex

Pornography shops. Phone sex services. Strip clubs. Culturally, such businesses are typically consigned to the questionable fringes of society. But are there exceptions? In this program, workers in these three industries share their personal experiences; describe their clientele, which, in addition to men, often includes women and couples; and explain how they have lifted their occupations to a higher level by setting strict limits and boundaries that both they and their customers must adhere to.

 Portraits in human sexuality: Meeting, Dating, and Maintaining Relationships

This program looks at aspects of how relationships are formed and sustained. Interview segments include a couple who talk about connecting online through Match.com; a diverse group of young Muslim women who discuss the liberating effects of physical modesty and Islamic approaches to courting and marriage; and a couple who describe how they met and demonstrate how PREP relationship enhancement classes have strengthened their marriage.

Portraits in human sexuality: Nonconsensual Sexuality

Without consent, sexual intercourse is nothing less than rape. This program offers insights into sexual victimization through interviews with a young woman who was raped in her own home by an armed assailant and a young man who was expelled from college on a charge of acquaintance rape. Also, a rehabilitation service for sexual offenders is profiled, with an emphasis on the treatment of deviant sexual arousal and the cognitive restructuring, victim impact awareness, and empathy skills development that goes into it.


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