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New Books in PsycBooks

Six new titles have been added to PsycBooks.  In addition, PsycBooks added 30 classic texts.  A complete list is available here

 Here are the six recent titles:

Billing and Collecting for Your Mental Health Practice: Effective Strategies and Ethical Practice 2010  By Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP and Steven Walfish, PhD

While mental health professionals receive extensive clinical training, they typically receive minimal, if any, training in the business aspects of private practice. As a result, billing and collecting can be overwhelming. The process is further complicated because our attempts to maximize profits must occur in the context of a therapeutic relationship.  Ethically balancing the business and clinical aspects of practice is an essential matter for all clinicians.  This book presents specific, practical guidance on the technical aspects of billing and related ethical and legal considerations.

Conviction of the Innocent: Lessons From Psychological Research  2012  Edited by Brian L. Cutler, PhD

This book presents a state-of-the-field review of current psychological research on conviction of the innocent. Chapter authors investigate how the roles played by suspects, investigators, eyewitnesses, and trial witnesses and how pervasive systemic issues contribute to conspire to increase the risk of conviction of the innocent.

Heart and Mind: The Practice of Cardiac Psychology, Second Edition  2011  Edited by Robert Allan, PhD and Jeffrey Fisher, MD

This second edition provides chapters by the world's foremost authorities on the major psychosocial risk factors linked with heart disease, including depression, social isolation, and anger, as well as several emerging factors, such as "Type D" (distressed) personality, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and vital exhaustion. Clinical interventions involving stress reduction, exercise, and Transcendental Meditation are also explored.

Pathways to Individuality: Evolution and Development of Personality Traits  2011  By Arnold H. Buss, PhD

Drawing from his own published research over a half-century of teaching and writing on personality, Buss masterfully summarizes key theories and recent advances in the study of temperament (aggression, dominance, etc.), the self (self-conscious shyness, self-esteem, identity), and abnormal behavior and style as crucial dimensions in understanding personality and individual differences.

Reinforcement-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorders: A Comprehensive Behavioral Approach  2012  By L. Michelle Tuten, MSW, LCSW-C; Hendree E. Jones, PhD; Cindy M. Schaeffer, PhD; and Maxine L. Stitzer, PhD

This book is a clinician-friendly manual for implementing Reinforcement-Based Treatment (RBT), an intensive, evidence-based model for treating substance use disorders in community settings.

Stepfamily Therapy: A 10-Step Clinical Approach 2012  By Scott Browning, PhD and Elise Artelt, LMFT

Recent research has confirmed that, given their unique dynamics, stepfamilies are vulnerable in a way that is distinct from typical "first-families," leaving them often resistant to traditional family therapy techniques.  In this book, Scott Browning and Elise Artelt integrate clinically validated interventions within an original theoretical framework for stepfamily therapy. They envision the stepfamily as comprised of subsystems, a series of overlapping relationships between individuals. This key insight enables clinicians to divide the stepfamily into more manageable units and plan treatment accordingly.


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