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New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

We have three new dissertations in the Westwood Library:

A study of atypical and aberrant socio-sexual behaviors in the lower functioning late teen and young adult male population with autism  by K. Geborah Goldberger  2010

A theoretical exploration of the feminine warrior archetype and how it can help women transcend depression by Anais Munoz Kelly  2012

The effects of resilience training on post-traumatic stress disorder levels for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans  by Deke Marcus 2011

Congratulations to all of you!


New Dissertation in the Westwood Library

We have a new dissertation in the Westwood library:

Family systems, archetypes, and the son's mother complex: a Jungian perspective by Ludmilla Kerr

Congratulations, Ludmilla!


New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

 We have two new dissertations in the library:

The effects of cognitive and behavioral interventions on adolescent academic success  by Julia Lyons

A theoretical exploration of men in midlife crisis  by Peter Coukoulis

Congratulations, Julia and Peter!


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