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New Books in PsycBooks

The PsycBooks database added two new contemporary books and 20 classic psychology texts.  The full list of added books is here.  The two new books are below

How Motivation Affects Cardiovascular Response: Mechanisms and Applications  2011  Edited by Rex A. Wright, PhD and Guido H. E. Gendolla, PhD

This book conveys the amount and diversity of motivationally based cardiovascular response research that currently is being conducted. Chapters discuss mechanisms of motivational influence on CV response and apply motivational approaches to studying CV response in different life circumstances. Health implications are considered throughout.

The Social Psychology of Morality: Exploring the Causes of Good and Evil  2011  Edited by Mario Mikulincer, PhD and Phillip R. Shaver, PhD

The contributors to this volume begin by presenting basic issues and controversies in the study of morality; subsequent chapters explore the psychological processes involved, such as the cognitive mechanisms and motives underlying immoral behavior and moral hypocrisy. Later chapters discuss personality, developmental, and clinical aspects of morality as well as societal aspects of good and evil, including the implications of moral thinking for large-scale violence and genocide.


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