Los Angeles / Orange County Libraries

New Books in the Westwood Library

We have 4 new books in the library.  Three will be on reserve for this term but the experimental phenomenology book is available for 3 week checkout.

 Getting started in private practice  (2005) by Chris E. Stout and Laurie Cope Grand

 Clinical Interviewing  (2009) by John Sommers-Flanagan and Rita Sommers-Flanagan

 The internship, practicum, and field placement handbook (2011) by Brian N. Baird

 Experimental phenomenology (1986) by Don Ihde

Come in and check them out!


New Dissertations in the Westwood Library

 We have three new dissertations in the Westwood library:

The emerging parents' resistance to their toddler's separation-individuation by Doug Kunin

A theoretical conceptualization of the modern successful woman's experience of inner emptiness and lack of emotional satisfaction  by Mahsa Mafee

The phenomenon of self in meditation and psychotherapy by Chuck Crook

Congratulations to all of you!


New Dissertation in the Westwood Library

We have a new dissertation in the Westwood library:

Death preparation among older Catholics  by Monica Tamayo

This phenomenological study is a good example of using data from interviews.

Congratulations, Monica!


New Dissertation in the Westwood Library

 We have a new dissertation in the Westwood library

Religious experience as seen through the eyes of an analyst: a phenomenological study  by Scott Shapiro

Congratulations, Scott!


New Dissertation

 We have a new dissertation in the library:

In my brother's shadow:  sibling loss in emerging adulthood and the psychological impact on the surviving sibling’s identity   by Barbara Nanna

This dissertation is phenomenological so may be useful for anyone using that method.

Congratulations, Barbara!


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