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More New Books in Westwood

Here are some more books that are new in the Westwood library.

 The psychology of prayer 2013  Spilka and Ladd

 Essential assessment skills for couple and family therapists 2011

“Showing how to weave assessment into all phases of therapy, this indispensable text and practitioner guide is reader friendly, straightforward, and practical. Specific strategies are provided for evaluating a wide range of clinical issues and concerns in adults, children and adolescents, families, and couples. The authors demonstrate ways to use interviewing and other techniques to understand both individual and relationship functioning, develop sound treatment plans, and monitor progress. Handy mnemonics help beginning family therapists remember what to include in assessments, and numerous case examples illustrate what the assessment principles look like in action with diverse clients.”

 When to use what research design 2012

“Systematic, practical, and accessible, this is the first book to focus on finding the most defensible design for a particular research question. Thoughtful guidelines are provided for weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods designs. The book can be read sequentially or readers can dip into chapters on specific stages of research (basic design choices, selecting and sampling participants, addressing ethical issues) or data collection methods (surveys, interviews, experiments, observations, archival studies, and combined methods). Many chapter headings and subheadings are written as questions, helping readers quickly find the answers they need to make informed choices that will affect the later analysis and interpretation of their data.”

 Doing what works: An integrative system for the treatment of eating disorders from diagnosis to recovery  2009

“Eating disorders at times leave practitioners feeling as emotionally challenged and out of control as the patients they treat. This is the first book of its kind to provide support, direction, clarity, and optimism to clinicians treating these disorders. In describing what to do and how to do what works, reader-friendly strategies and holistic guidelines bring together science and human personality, protocols and art, skill and instinct, evidence-based research and practicable clinical applications to provide a fully integrative approach to eating disorders care.”

 Spiritually integrated psychotherapy  2007

“From a leading researcher and practitioner, this volume provides an innovative framework for understanding the role of spirituality in people's lives and its relevance to the work done in psychotherapy. It offers fresh, practical ideas for creating a spiritual dialogue with clients, assessing spirituality as a part of their problems and solutions, and helping them draw on spiritual resources in times of stress. Written from a nonsectarian perspective, the book encompasses both traditional and nontraditional forms of spirituality. It is grounded in current findings from psychotherapy research and the psychology of religion, and includes a wealth of evocative case material.”

 Cognitive therapy for challenging problems 2005

“This groundbreaking book addresses what to do when a patient is not making progress. Provided is practical, step-by-step guidance on conceptualizing and solving frequently encountered problems, whether in developing and maintaining the therapeutic alliance or in accomplishing specific therapeutic tasks. While the framework presented is applicable to a range of challenging clinical situations, particular attention is given to modifying the longstanding distorted beliefs and dysfunctional behavioral strategies of people with personality disorders. Helpful appendices include a reproducible assessment tool, the Personality Belief Questionnaire.”

 Cognitive therapy of anxiety disorders  2010

“Updating and reformulating Aaron T. Beck's pioneering cognitive model of anxiety disorders, this book is both authoritative and highly practical. The authors synthesize the latest thinking and empirical data on anxiety treatment and offer step-by-step instruction in cognitive assessment, case formulation, cognitive restructuring, and behavioral intervention. They provide evidence-based mini-manuals for treating the five most common anxiety disorders: panic disorder, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder. User-friendly features include vivid case examples, concise "Clinician Guidelines" that reinforce key points, and over three dozen reproducible handouts and forms.”

 The psychology of religion 2009

“Scholarly and comprehensive yet accessible, this state-of-the-science work is widely regarded as the definitive psychology of religion text. The authors synthesize classic and contemporary empirical research on numerous different religious groups. Coverage includes religious thought, belief, and behavior across the lifespan; links between religion and biology; the forms and meaning of religious experience; the social psychology of religious organizations; and connections to morality, coping, mental health, and psychopathology. Designed for optimal use in advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, every chapter features thought-provoking quotations and examples that bring key concepts to life.”

 Psychodynamic therapy  2010

“Presenting a pragmatic, evidence-based approach to conducting psychodynamic therapy, this engaging guide is firmly grounded in contemporary clinical practice and research. The book reflects an openness to new influences on dynamic technique, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology. It offers a fresh understanding of the most common problems for which patients seek help--depression, obsessionality, low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, panic, and trauma--and shows how to organize and deliver effective psychodynamic interventions. Extensive case material illustrates each stage of therapy, from engagement to termination. Special topics include ways to integrate individual treatment with psychopharmacology and with couple or family work.”

 Five ways of doing qualitative analysis 2011

“This unique text provides a broad introduction to qualitative analysis together with concrete demonstrations and comparisons of five major approaches. Leading scholars apply their respective analytic lenses to a narrative account and interview featuring "Teresa," a young opera singer who experienced a career-changing illness. The resulting analyses vividly exemplify what each approach looks like in action. The researchers then probe the similarities and differences among their approaches; their distinctive purposes and strengths; the role, style, and subjectivity of the individual researcher; and the scientific and ethical complexities of conducting qualitative research. Also included are the research participant's responses to each analysis of her experience. A narrative account from another research participant, "Gail," can be used by readers to practice the kinds of analysis explored in the book.”

 Child and adolescent therapy 2012

“Widely regarded as the definitive clinical reference and text in the field, this authoritative volume presents effective cognitive-behavioral approaches for treating frequently encountered child and adolescent disorders. The editor and contributors are leading experts who provide hands-on, how-to-do-it descriptions illustrated with clinical examples. Relevant theories and research findings are explained, and exemplary treatment manuals and client workbooks reviewed. Coverage encompasses evidence-based treatments for aggression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, depression and suicidality, obsessive–compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and trauma. Ways to involve parents in treatment are addressed throughout.”


New PsycBooks

PsycBooks added 63 new books in April.  3 of them are new books which are highlighted below.  The rest are classic books from the early part of the last century.  A complete list is available here.  If you need help using Psycbooks click on "Finding Guides" in the column to the right and open up the finding guide for PsycBooks on the Finding Guides page or contact your campus librarian.

 Quantitative Models in Psychology  2011  By Robert E. McGrath, PhD

This book presents a comprehensive survey of quantitative methods and concepts in psychology that covers everything needed at the graduate level and beyond, including generalizing from samples to populations, using measurement instruments to generate quantitative scales, and modeling real-world patterns and relationships.

Treating Patients With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition  2011  By Robert D. Margolis, PhD and Joan E. Zweben, PhD

This new edition of the book seeks to enhance the confidence and skill of psychotherapists and other practitioners in addressing alcohol and drug use in the context of their ongoing work.  It  includes new material on individual psychotherapy and family therapy for clients with AOD problems, as well as an updated overview of the treatment community (both self-help and professional) that examines the basic assumptions and operating principles of various treatment venues in an effort to minimize the miscommunication that can occur when professionals from different "cultures" attempt to collaborate on client care.

Young Children With ADHD: Early Identification and Intervention  2011   By George J. DuPaul, PhD and Lee Kern, PhD

This book is the first to describe empirically-supported early intervention with children aged 2–5 years who have or are at risk for ADHD.  The authors present a three-tiered model for prevention and intervention that can be implemented at home or in preschool settings. This promising model can be adjusted to the degree of difficulty the child is experiencing and consists of universal intervention strategies, small group skills instruction, and assessment-based behavioral interventions.


New Books in the Westwood Library

We have 3 new books in the library:

 Character Strengths and Virtues:  A Handbook and Classification  2004.  Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman

 Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design  2013  3rd edition.  John Creswell

 This is the newest edition of this heavily used work

 Psychoanalytic Diagnosis 2011  Nancy McWilliams

Come in and Check them out!


New Books in the Westwood Library


We have four new books in the library:

 Madness & Civilization: a history of insanity in the age of reason  by Michel Foucault.  Who defines “madness?”

 Existential-Humanistic Therapy by Kirk J. Schneider and Orah T. King

 The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory  by Roberta M. Gilbert, M.D.

 Heuristic Research: Design, Methodology, and Applications by Clark Moustakas

Come in and check them out.  They're all available for 3 weeks.


New Books in PsycBooks

5 recent books have been added to the PsycBooks database. An additional 274 classic titles dating from 1900 and older, have been added. A full list of the new titles is here.   The 5 new books are:

Bringing Psychotherapy Research to Life: Understanding Change Through the Work of Leading Clinical Researchers, (2010) Edited by Louis G. Castonguay, PhD; J. Christopher Muran, PhD; Lynne Angus, PhD; Jeffrey A. Hayes, PhD; Nicholas Ladany, PhD; and Timothy Anderson, PhD

The editors contend that many practitioners are unaware of the implications of research on their practices. This book contains work by 28 leading psychotherapy researchers and discusses how their research can impact your practice.

Earning a Living Outside of Managed Mental Health Care: 50 Ways to Expand Your Practice (2010) Edited by Steven Walfish, PhD

This book illustrates 50 strategies for growing a practice that is not managed care or insurance dependent.

Elusive Alliance: Treatment Engagement Strategies With High-Risk Adolescents (2010) Edited by David Castro-Blanco, PhD, ABPP and Marc S. Karver, PhD

Discussion of the application of treatment alliance to work with adolescents

Individual Pathways of Change: Statistical Models for Analyzing Learning and Development (2010) Edited by Peter C. M. Molenaar, PhD and Karl M. Newell, PhD

This book presents and applies cutting-edge time series analysis techniques for analyzing intra-individual change

Prevention of Treatment Failure: The Use of Measuring, Monitoring, and Feedback in Clinical Practice (2010) By Michael J. Lambert, PhD

This book describes procedures and techniques that can be used by clinical practitioners and administrators to identify patients who are at risk for treatment failure so that steps can be taken to avoid such failure


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