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New Streaming Videos

We have 2 new streaming videos.  You can find a guide to accessing the videos here along with the current list of streaming videos.

 Steroids : big muscles, bigger problems  2011.  

   Illustrates the biochemical basics of anabolic steroids and their synthetic relationship to testosterone, their general impact on the human anatomy and how they can be especially devastating in young people whose bodies aren’t fully developed. Presents the medical and psychological risks of steroid use, both in the short term and over an extended period.

 Constructing the multi generational family genogram: exploring a problem in context   1983 

Describes how to construct the multi-generational genogram and its importance in family therapy

And, don't forget that we also have counseling videos accessible only when you're on campus by clicking on "Online Counseling Videos" in the area to the right of this blog entry.


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