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Promises  (2004)

This film follows the journey of a filmmaker who travels in and around Jerusalem, from a Palestinian refugee camp to an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, where he meets seven Palestinian and Israeli children who exist in separate worlds, divided by physical, historical, and emotional boundaries although they live only 20 minutes apart. Explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of these children and tells the story of a few children who dared to cross the lines to meet their neighbors.

Multicultural counseling - issues of ethnic diversity  (1992)

Provides a stimulus for counselors to increase their awareness, understanding, and skills in multicultural issues in counseling.

Susceptible to kindness: Miss Evers’ boys and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study  (1993)

Examines the ethical issues raised by the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male (1932-1972). Includes excerpts from David Feldshuh’s play Miss Evers boys and comments by nurses; physicians; government officials; James Jones, the author of Bad blood; and others on the issues raised by the play.


New Streaming Videos

We have three new streaming videos available through the TCS catalog

Children of the Amazon, 2008, 72 min.

Reflects on the history and more recent changes of the Amazon River valley and rainforest area, primarily through the introduction of a group of indigenous families. Through comparison of their current lives with the lives they led when the filmmaker first met them 15 years earlier, the film portrays the significant differences of their past and current lives. As their native lands undergo extreme changes due to deforestation and development, questions are raised and discussed regarding the chances of renewing or otherwise protecting the local population and their environment.

Bowenian family therapy with Dr. Philip Guerin, 2010, 119 min.

This video is one in a series portraying the leading theories of family therapy and their applications. Bowenian therapy, also known as family-of-origin therapy, looks at how previous generations influence the present family functioning. In this video, Dr. Guerin works to help family members link cognitive processes to emotional responses.

Strategic couples therapy with James C. Coyne  2010, 120 min

Dr. James C. Coyne discusses strategic couples therapy in which the therapist takes responsibility for what happens in the session and presents a plan for change. The therapy seeks to help the couple develop a problem-solving strategy tailored to their specific concerns and values. This discussion is followed by an actual session in which Dr. Coyne demonstrates strategic couples therapy and finally a final discussion and question and answer session is held with Dr. Coyne, the hosts, and audience members


New Streaming Videos

We have two new streaming videos available online through the TCS catalog.   If you don't know how to access the streaming videos, click on our Finding Guide Page on this blog for a step by step guide. 

Do I drink too much?: human biology, genetics, and alcohol     53 minutes

 "Why does tolerance for alcohol differ so widely from person to person? Do genetic factors make alcoholism unavoidable in some people? Should we drink at all? This program searches for answers, following addiction expert Dr. John Marsden as he observes--and participates in--experiments that assess alcohol’s neurological and physiological impact. After exploring basic chemical and evolutionary concepts, Marsden visits London’s Institute of Psychiatry, where brain scans, genetic testing, and psychological profiling shed light on alcohol addiction. In the U.S., Marsden goes inside the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to study other genetic markers, while moving toward a greater understanding of alcoholism in his own family history."--Container.

 Pills: never enough!       52 minutes 

"This program illustrates a growing appetite for-- and dependence on-- experience-enhancing pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals among those who have the money, the connections, or the savvy to procure them. Drawing examples from the U.S. and France, Pills: Never Enough! examines the use of dietary supplements augmented by hormones to slow the effects of aging; the consumption of energy drinks such as the controversial Cocaine, which packs the caffeine punch of eight espressos per; the abuse of Prozac and sleep disorder med Modafinil by employees striving to work better and longer; the abuse of Ritalin and Concerta by students trying to improve their grades; and abuse of OxyContin, Xanax, and other prescription meds at "pharming parties," just for kicks. The abuse of ED meds Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra is given special attention, emphasizing their obvious value to the porn industry and their inclusion in chemical cocktails downed at gay sex clubs"--Container.


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We have a new streaming video online: 

Encounter groups for addictions  2009.  75 minutes

 "Encounter groups are at the heart of therapeutic communities. They demonstrate a break from traditional addiction counseling techniques ... In this DVD series, Rod Mullen creates a strong argument for how and why we need to keep the encounter group thriving ... explores how encounter groups have evolved, what we can do to improve groups and overcome pitfalls, and what the keys are to leading successful groups"--Containers.

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New Streaming Videos

The library has three new streaming videos.  If you need help accessing the videos look at the posted guide.  The entire  updated list is available on the blog

Medical consequences of addiction  2005  36 minutes

Examines the physical problems caused by the heavy and long-term use of psychoactive drugs, especially tobacco, alcohol, methamphetamines, and marijuana.

The clinical innovators series on stages of change and addiction  2004  155 minutes

Precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance: clinicians the world over recognize these words as the five stages of change. Carlo DiClemente discusses the principles and processes of the stages of change.

Understanding Group Psychotherapy/ with Irvin Yalom  1990  250 minutes in 5 discs

In the first 4 programs, Dr. Yalom, professor of psychiatry at the Stanford University School of Medicine leads simulations (based on real sessions) of outpatient and of inpatient group therapy sessions. He offers commentary on the situations depicted and the techniques used. In the last program he discusses his existential perspective on group psychotherapy and other aspects of the therapeutic process and offers insights into the training of group therapists.

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