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New Books in the Westwood Library

We have  new books in the Westwood library.

 These books are available for general circulation:

 Beyond Objectivism and Relativism (1983) by Richard J. Bernstein

The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, (2004) Second Edition, by Susan M. Johnson

The Discovery of the Unconscious (1970), by Henri F. Ellenberger

A Woman’s Unconscious Use of Her Body (2010) by Dinora Pines

Dancing with the Family (1988) by Carl A. Whitaker

Ageing and Older Adult Mental Health (2011) edited by Patrick Ryan and Barry J. Coughlan

The Emotionally Focused Casebook (2011)  edited by James L. Furrow, Susan M. Johnson and Brent A. Bradley

Family Therapy in Clinical Practice (1985) by Murray Bowen

A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests (2006)  by Esther Strauss, Elisabeth M.S. Sherman, and Otfried Spreen

50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, John Ruscio and Barry L. Beyerstein

Steps to an Ecology of Mind by Gregory Bateson

The Oxford Handbook of Stress, Health and Coping  edited by Susan Folkman

 These new books are being used this term in a class and are on 3-hour reserve

 The practice of family therapy (2007) by Suzanne Midori Hanna

 Biopsychology, (2011) 8th edition.  By John P.J. Pinel

 Family Assessment Handbook, (2010) 3rd edition, by Barbara Thomlison



New Books in the Westwood Library

We have two new textbooks in the Westwood library.  They will be on 3-hour hold during this term

 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling  by Linda Seligman.

 Live Company: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Autistic, Borderline, Deprived and Abused Children By Anne Alvarez.

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New Books in the Westwood Library

The library has 5 new books.  They are being used in class so, for this term, they are on 3-hour hold.

 Counseling American Minorities by Donald Atkinson .  Addresses issues facing 4 major American minority groups: African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans.

 Cognitive Neuroscience by Gazzanga, Ivry, and Mangun  An overview of the field using an interdisciplinary approach including cognitive theory.

 Black Families in Therapy by Nancy Boyd-Franklin   The second edition of this classic text which helps professionals and students understand and address the cultural and racial issues which are present when counseling African American clients.

 Motivational Interviewing by Miller and Rollnick   This is a revised and expanded edition of the original book which introduced motivational interviewing as a technique for helping clients get “unstuck” and find their own resources for change.

 Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy edited by Sandra Leiblum   An authoritative and current  overview of the field.


New Books in the Westwood Library

We have 7 new books in the library.  Two of them are available for regular checkout.  The others are being used in classes and are on 3-hour reserve

 Three Hour Reserve Books

 Playing and Reality by D.W. Winnicott

 Marriage is Dead – long live marriage! By Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig

 The adolescent psyche: Jungian and Winnicottian perspectives  by Richard Frankel

  Assessment in Counseling: A guide to the use of psychological assessment procedures by Albert B. Hood and Richard W. Johnson

 Readings for Diversity and Social Justice edited by Adams, et al.

 Books Available for Circulation

 Love’s Executioner by Irvin Yalom.  Stories from therapy demonstrating the complex relationship between patient and therapist by a renowned writer in the field

 Father Hunger by James M. Herzog   The author explores the importance of the father to the development of children.

 Come in and check them out!

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New Books in the Westwood Library

We have new books in the Westwood library.  They are being used in classes so they’ll be on 3-hour reserve for this term

    Your Practicum in Psychology by Matthews and Walker

     Making Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work by  Ledley, et al

   Adult Aging and Development by Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields

   Two Essays on Analytical Psychology by Jung

Come in and check them out!

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New Books in the Westwood Library

We have new books in the Westwood Library.  They are being used in classes this term so they are on 3-hour reserve.  But they are available if you need them

  Handbook of Multicultural Assessment  edited by Suzuki and Ponterotto

 Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions by Corey, Corey and Callanan

 The Expanded Family Life Cycle  by McGoldrick, Carter and Garcia-Preto

 Life Span Development by Santrock

 Counseling Children  by Henderson and Thompson

 Addiction Treatment by van Wormer and Davis

 In addition to the textbooks, we have received another book in the Treatment Planner series.  This book can be checked out for 3 weeks.

  The Couples Psychotherapy Treatment Planner

  Come in and check them out!

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More new books in the Westwood library

We have more new books in the library.  These are all textbooks on 3-hour hold.

Adolescent therapy that really works by Janet Sasson Edgette

 Dibs in search of self by Virginia M. Axline

 A Practical handbook for building the play therapy relationship  by Giordano, Landreth and Jones

The marriage clinic  by John Gottman

Come in and check them out!

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New Books in the Westwood Library

We have new books in the Westwood Library. 

 These books could be useful for your dissertation and are available to be checked out for three weeks:

 Writing up Qualitative Research by Harry F. Wolcott

 Surviving Your Dissertation by Kjell Erik Rudestam and Rae R. Newton

 Survey Questions: Handcrafting the standardized questionnaire by Jean M. Converse and Stanley Presser

 Applied Regression: An Introduction by Michael S. Lewis-Beck

 These books are being used in classes and are on 3-hour reserve

 Play Therapy by Virginia M. Axline

 Human Development in Multicultural Contexts by Michele A. Paludi

 Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond by Judith S. Beck

 An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis by Charles Brenner

 Negotiating Parent-Adolescent Conflict: A Behavioral-Family Systems Approach by Arthur L. Robin and Sharon L. Foster

 Come in and check them out!

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New Books in the Library

There are more new books in the library.  The following books are being used in courses this term and are only available on 3-hour reserve:

Skillful means: patterns for success  by Tarthang Tulku



Reviving Ophelia:  Saving the selves of adolescent girls  by Mary Pipher

Inner work: Using dreams and active imagination for personal growth  by Robert A. Johnson

The gift of therapy: an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients  by Irvin D. Yalom

The family crucible: the intense experience of family therapy  by Augustus Napier with Carl Whitaker



Counseling the culturally diverse: theory and practice  by Derald Wing Sue and David Sue

Family evaluation by Michael Kerr and Murray Bowen

Narrative means to therapeutic ends  by Michael White and David Epston

Family healing  by Salvador Minuchin and Michael P. Nichols

Biopsychology  by John Pinel

A colorful introduction to the anatomy of the human brain  by John Pinel

Therapist's guide to clinical intervention by Sharon Johnson

We also received some books which may be helpful to you in doing your research and writing.  The following books are available to be taken out for 3 weeks.

The discovery of grounded theory: strategies for qualitative research  by Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss

Single-case research designs: Methods of clinical and applied settings  by Alan Kazdin

And, finally, we have a copy of the new Chicago School book of the year:

What is the what?  by Dave Eggers

Here is a portion of a review from Amazon and Reed Business Information

Valentino Achak Deng, real-life hero of this engrossing epic, was a refugee from the Sudanese civil war-the bloodbath before the current Darfur bloodbath-of the 1980s and 90s. In this fictionalized memoir, Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) makes him an icon of globalization. Separated from his family when Arab militia destroy his village, Valentino joins thousands of other "Lost Boys," beset by starvation, thirst and man-eating lions on their march to squalid refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya, where Valentino pieces together a new life. He eventually reaches America, but finds his quest for safety, community and fulfillment in many ways even more difficult there than in the camps: he recalls, for instance, being robbed, beaten and held captive in his Atlanta apartment. Eggers's limpid prose gives Valentino an unaffected, compelling voice and makes his narrative by turns harrowing, funny, bleak and lyrical. The result is a horrific account of the Sudanese tragedy, but also an emblematic saga of modernity-of the search for home and self in a world of unending upheaval.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.

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New Books in the Library

We have some new books in the library.  We'll be getting copies of all the textbooks being used this term over the next few weeks. 

This book is not a textbook and can be checked out for 3 weeks:

Interpersonal Process in Therapy: An Integrative Model  by Edward Teyber and Faith Holmes McClure

This is from the review on Amazon:

"This book provides a very articulate approach to being with clients in the room. It integrates psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and family systems approaches but most importantly demonstrates a way of being with clients in session that is genuine but also challenges clients to explore their process. The emphasis on the therapist’s use of present process is critical but often not articulated in books for beginning therapists. This book allows for the beginning therapist to establish their own style while incorporating the components of the interpersonal process. Students love it!"

The following books are textbooks and will be on 3-hour reserve

Group Dynamics, Fifth Edition by Donelsons R. Forsyth

Current Psychotherapies, Ninth Edition by Corsini and Wedding

Case Studies in Psychotherapy, Sixth Edition  by Wedding and Corsini

The Counselor Intern's Handbook, Third Edition by Faiver, Eisengart and Colona

Mastering Competencies in Family Therapy by Gehart

Intentional Interviewing & Counseling, 7th edition (with a CD) Ivey, Ivey and Zalaquett

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